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Comparative Politics and International Relations

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs in Comparative Politics and International Relations offer courses in the politics and international affairs of their respective regions. They are valuable in several respects.

First, they offer Political Science courses that are far more detailed than classes offered at WVU, particularly with respect to covering current politics and policy debates within the region. Second, although taught in English, they are taught by faculty members of the host country’s university and, as such, expose students to the historical and cultural logic of non-U.S. perspectives on regional and international affairs. Third, with the exception of the WVU Strasbourg Summer Program, these programs are offered as programs for international students directly enrolled in these foreign universities. WVU students are enrolled in courses—and, actually, housed with—students from throughout the regions and world at the host universities.

Summer Programs

Several summer programs are currently approved for credit by the Political Science Department. Students reside at these Universities for three to four weeks. Each provides transfer credit from the university that is equivalent to six WVU credits, and Political Science courses count as electives in comparative politics or international politics.

Courses taken at these programs can be used to count as electives in the Political Science major in the sub-fields of comparative politics and international relations. Furthermore, if accompanied with an otherwise optional research paper, each program can be used to satisfy the Political Science capstone requirement.

Full Semester Programs

In addition to the above summer programs, Political Science majors can engage in foreign study for a full semester through one of  WVU semester exchange programs. Several of the WVU exchange programs offer strong course offerings in political science and international relations, typically supplemented by courses on their own culture and language. These programs include the Institute for Political Studies in Grenoble, France, the University of Tartu in Estonia, Linkoping University in Sweden, the University of Aalborg in Denmark, Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, Bogazici University in Turkey, as well as multiple university programs in China, Ireland,Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Finally, note that our students are able to take Political Science courses through the Amizade Programs, which offers courses on regional and international development in Latin America (Bolivia) and sub-Saharan Africa (Tanzania).

These programs offer a full semester of courses, most of which can be transferred to WVU as electives for the Political Science Major. For further information on semester programs abroad, visit the WVU Education Abroad and find opportunities at the WVU Abroad program search.