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In the Spotlight

Meet Our Students and Alumni

Our students are driven to be successful and channel that energy into the many opportunities available to them — internships, organizations, study abroad, and more. Best of all? They do it all while being supported by our top-tier faculty.

Class of 2023
Raeanne Beckner stands in front of a huge Home sign with the flying WV

Raeanne Beckner

“My majors are helping provide me with the critical thinking and logic skills necessary to assist me in preparing for law school.”

Class of 2023
Alexander Dean, Political Science Graduate from WVU

Alexander Dean

“The political science major has given me the opportunity to hone my writing skills, speaking skills, and my ability to critically think about the complex problems that our society and the world faces today.”

Class of 2019
Emma Harrison, Political Science Major at WVU, 2019 Graduate

Emma Harrison

"I wanted to expand my understanding of the government and its intricacies, and this program has exceeded my expectations."

Class of 2022
Myya Helm, Political Science Major

Myya Helm

“I chose to double major because I knew I wanted to become a part of something bigger than myself. WVU has allowed me to establish connections and create relationships all around the world.”

Class of 2023
Giana Loretta, Political Science major at WVU

Giana Loretta

“Long before I knew what I wanted to major in, I aspired to attend law school. Originally, I came in as a Communication Studies major, and I fell in love with Philosophy and Political Science”

Class of 2024
A WVU student with dark hair and rounded glasses. He is wearing a dark blue suite jacket over a white button up shirt with a light blue tie.

Azeem Khan

I think I’ve always had an interest in politics and public service, but seeing the effect you could have on peoples lives, the change that’s possible to help people, it’s something you don’t appreciate fully until you see it in person, in real life.

Class of 2022
Abigail Smith, Political Science graduate from WVU

Abigail Smith

“After taking the department's mandated policy class, I really solidified that I wanted to work in policy.... WVU helped me find that path.”

Class of 2020
Young man with rectangular wire glasses and wearing a button down shirt

Dylan Vest

“Learning about international relations and how the world works politically has allowed me to develop a balanced analysis of problems in our world and assess possible outcomes. I have learned how to adapt to changing situations.”