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Scholarships & Awards

Due to the generosity of alumni, students majoring in Political Science may apply for a variety of scholarships and awards that are reserved exclusively for well-qualified Political Science majors. 

The Political Science department gives out over $20,000 per year in scholarships and awards. The qualifications for these scholarships vary on criteria such as performance within the major, financial need-status, West Virginia-residency, career plans, and involvement in campus activities. Given the variety of these priorities, there may be a scholarship for you, and you are encouraged to apply. The full list of Scholarships and Awards is as follows:

  • Peter S. Borsay Memorial Scholarship
  • W.E. Chilton III Scholarship
  • James F. Dent Scholarship
  • Robert DiClerico Scholarship in Democratic Institutions and Public Leadership
  • Robert C. Frasure Memorial Scholarship in International Affairs
  • James Gabriel Fellowship
  • League of Women Voters of WV / Becky Cain Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maiolo Scholarship
  • Philip V. McGance Fellowship
  • John Ransel Romine ‘44 Award in Political Science
  • Thomas M. Ryan Memorial Scholarship
  • John R. Williams Scholarship
  • C. Stephen Wolfe Scholarship for Study of the American Presidency

Scholarship Applications are currently closed and are usually collected every Spring. Applications will be collected using our online Qualtrics form.

In addition, our Department has a long record of achievement in prestigious national and international awards, i.e., the Rhodes, Truman, Fulbright, Gilman, Boren, and Marshall Scholarships. If you are interested in pursuing one of these you should contact both the Department Chair and WVU's ASPIRE Office.