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Dark skinned female smiles warmly for professional photo. She has shoulder length dark hair in tight but thick curls and decorated with gold beads. She wears a dark top and a gold necklace.

Shaniqua Williams

Assistant Professor

Contact 315E Woodburn Hall

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Role: Faculty,
Research Area: American Politics,Public Policy,

Dr. Williams is a proud native of San Diego, California. She attended Auburn University for graduate school where she earned her MPA, graduate certificate in Election Administration (2018), and her doctorate in Public Administration and Public Policy. Her research focuses on state politics, race and ethnicity, Black political behavior, Black women’s descriptive and substantive representation, and election administration. Dr. Williams’ dissertation, “The Backbone of Democracy: A Study Examining the Impact of Black Women in Politics”, takes an intersectional approach to investigate how the inclusion of Black women in state legislatures impacts democratic norms. Her research interests stem from a desire to understand how the structure of our institutions and the facilitation of democracy has fostered differences in the United States, as well as the ways in which Black communities have become civically engaged and mobilized to combat these political disadvantages.

Additionally, Dr. Williams is committed to fostering an inclusive environment and encouraging students and members of the community to mobilize and work to address problems both proximate and distant. She is interested in researching and collaborating with the WVU campus community and external institutions on strategies to recruit and retain people from underrepresented groups within the fields of political science and public administration. In her spare time, Dr. Williams enjoys brunch, practicing yoga, attending some sporting events, candle making, and reading.

PhD, Auburn University, 2023

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