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Hauser stands in front of Woodburn Hall. He is wearing a sports jacket with button down shirt, dark plastic rimmed glasses, short hair with a longer beard and mustache.

David M. Hauser

Teaching Associate Professor

Categorized As

Role: Faculty,
Research Area: International Relations,

Professor Hauser’s research and teaching concern international conflict and range from the origins of Great Power conflicts and interventions to the dynamics of 21st Century conflict. He is the lead instructor of the Department’s introductory Global Political Issues course, and he in involved in a variety of the Department’s courses in national security analysis. Along with the honors seminar on the Origins of War, he has taught Transformation of War and is currently developing courses on the Introduction to National Security Analysis and on Intelligence Failures.

Professor Hauser is the co-director of WVU's Peace Corps Prep Program.  He is the campus advisor (through ASPIRE) for the State Department's CLS program and the National Security Education Office's Boren Scholarship program.  He teaches book study classes with the Honors College.  He used to teach a wine course at WVU and hopes to bring that back.  He currently teaches a range of courses from the origins of Great Power conflicts to the dynamics of 21st Century conflict to intelligence failures.   He is developing courses on domestic terrorism and cyber policy.

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