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Hire a PhD


Below you can find profiles of current PhD students and recent graduates on the job market. Please contact William Franko, Director of Graduate Studies, for more information.

Ali Ahsan

Ali Ahsan studies comparative politics and public policy with a keen interest in geopolitics and governance, particularly in international football (soccer). He has taught at the Bahauddin Zakariya University in his home city of Multan (Pakistan) and also worked as a researcher in the government sector for a number of years before joining WVU's PhD Political Science program in 2017. Ali is also a director at FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC), an independent online platform covering the sport in Pakistan.

Kyle Rogers

Kyle’s major areas of study are international relations and comparative politics with a focus on African and Latin American politics. His current research focuses on protest behavior and other forms of contentious politics in Africa.

Kyu Chul Shin

Kyu Chul, who also goes by Casey, is currently writing a dissertation that attempts to link far right electoral success to ingroup-outgroup preferences. More broadly, he is interested in anything under the umbrella of contentious politics and political behavior. He hopes to be a professor and one day teach courses on public opinion, ethnic conflict, and terrorism. He is also a Mets and Jets fan who is always happy to link sports to politics if it helps his students learn the material. 

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