Study Abroad

Study abroad experiences are not just for Political Science students studying international politics.  Often students with a focus on American politics can benefit from comparing and contrasting the politics of a foreign country to our institutions.  Beyond the major, study abroad experiences add depth to a student's college experiences and improve their competitiveness when looking for jobs.  The Department of Political Science has strong links to WVU's Office of International Programs, which  offers a wide variety of study abroad programs. Whether students are looking for a program to improve a language ability, or to experience a different political culture, WVU has a program that will fit every student's educational path.   See the  Office of International Programs website  for lists of programs (with requirements and availability), and see their  searchable database  to look for programs in specific countries or regions, or specific topics.

Two types of specially-tailored programs are offered by the Department of Political Science. One of these consists of  Programs in Pre-Law, Comparative Legal Systems, and International Law . Taught by faculty trained in law or legal studies, these programs are targeted towards Political Science majors with career interests in legal studies or international law. The Department has its own well-established Strasbourg Summer Program in European Law and Institutions. More recently, it has established a partnership with the School of Law at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, which enables our undergraduates to enroll in their law program through WVU. Law courses taught in their program are attractive to majors with interests in both pre-law and legal studies and/or in international law.

The Department’s other type of study abroad experience are  Programs in Comparative Politics and International Relations. These programs offer comparative politics courses on the politics and institution of the host country or countries within its region. These programs typically offer courses on in the region’s international relations, including classes on foreign relations as they related to the United States. Along with the Strasbourg Summer Program, we offer courses in summer programs in Marburg, Germany; Tartu, Estonia; Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as service-learning experiences on development projects in Bolivia and Tanzania via WVU’s Amizade’s Program. Political Science courses are also offered in a several of WVU’s semester exchange programs.