American Politics, Policy, and Business

American Politics and Policy

This specialization within the Political Science major is for students who are especially interested in American politics and public policy, and who may aspire to work on political campaigns, in a government office, or for a business that regularly deals with the government. It may also be the ideal specialization if you are interested in understanding how the US government works, and why it produces the kinds of laws and regulations that it does.

The track is composed of two sets of courses. One of these examines the formal institutions of American politics, the American people themselves, and the public-interest organizations they form to affect political actions. The other set of courses considers the complex substantive and political dynamics associated with specific areas of public policy. Taking these courses in tandem will not only make you a better informed citizen who understands crucial aspects of US policy making, you will also better understand how politics varies depending on the people and topics involved, and you will be better prepared to make a difference in these areas yourself.